LAPHAUGEN PASS, Narvik, Norway, April 10, 1940.  Scenario played at @MilesGloriosusWargameRoma on December 12, 2009. Miniatures 1/72

PASSO DI LAPHAUGEN, Navik, Norvegia, 10 aprile 1940. Scenario giocato al @MilesGloriosusWargameRoma il 12 dicembre 2009. Miniature 1/72

Initial movement of the Germans. The ski Company is immediately detected. The white paper counter are use for the initial movement, before a unit is observed, Some of them are fakes.

The first line of defence of the Norwegian Troops. One of their Companies has opened fire and is spotted at the foot of the slope. The artillery on the pass too. Other Norwegian troops are still hidden.

A GJ Company on snowshoes approaches the icy river bend. The GA deploys. Both are spotted.

Germans close-in. The ski Coy on their left has spotted the Norwegian Coy in the wood on their front, on the Norwegian right. In the meanwhile, the concentrated fire of artillery, supporting weapons and smoll arms has wiped out the advanced Norwegian outpost

The germans push through and start climbing the road to the pass. In the meanwhile GJ rock climbers are climbing the rock wall on their left (in the foreground, the rock wall, topped by icy lakes).